Project Descriptions

70,000 lb/hr package boiler with low NOx burner, economizer, piping, electrical, building addition.
Low NOx burner retrofit on two 100,000 lb/hr package boilers including burner management systems.
Gas/oil multi-burner retrofit for 300,000 lb/hr boiler, fuel train pipe rack, burner management system.
70,000 lb/hr package boiler with low NOx burner, piping, electrical, deaerating feedwater heater, feedwater pumps, chemical handling system.
50,000 lb/hr fluid bed coal fired boiler with baghouse, coal and ash handling, limestone handling, piping, electrical.
100,000 lb/hr coal fired boiler with chain grate stoker, baghouse, coal and ash handling, piping, electrical.
250 HP firetube boiler, deaerating feedwater heater, pumps, water softener, combustion control replacement.
Underground steam distribution system replacement, 12" steam, 6" condensate, pipe trenches, manholes, anchors.
Induced draft fan and stack replacement, ductwork revisions.
Controls replacement and stoker rebuild for three 30,000 lb/hr coal fired boilers.
Two 40,000 lb/hr package boilers with economizers, feedwater heater, oil storage tanks, piping, electrical.
20,000 gallon above ground, self-contained fuel oil storage tank, pumps, piping, electrical.
Boiler house modifications to include bulk storage brinemaker, feedwater pumps, multi-tank dealkalizer, combustion control upgrade.
Multi-tank water softener, 1,100 gpm capacity, bulk storage brinemaker, pump controls.
700 lb/hr multiple chamber incinerator, waste heat recovery boiler, dry ash removal system, scrubber, piping, electrical, building addition.
Manhole replacement for underground steam system.
1000 kw diesel engine generator for emergency and peak-shaving, breakers, piping, electrical, building addition.
Master planning for university boiler house and steam distribution system.
Baghouse replacement for 50,000 lb/hr coal/wood chip fired boiler.
Bucket elevator and flight conveyor replacements.

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